🫗 Pouring Liquid


Pouring, Throwing, Distaste, Hateful, Accident, Spill, Drink, Libation, Wasteful, Drink

Pouring Liquid Emoji

🫗 Meaning: A small but lean glass container tilting downwards and pouring blue liquid, forming a tiny splash and a puddle. Since the liquid is blue, we’re vouching that it’s mostly water over any other type of liquid. Or it’s a blue solution.

The 🫗 Pouring Liquid emoji represents the act of throwing or pouring something out probably because it’s bad, stale or just given by the wrong person (yeah, we’re all evil that way). This emoji may also suggest spilled milk, or water, in this case, and the wonderful lessons we learn from crying over spilled water. Oh! the horrors of drought.

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How and When to Use the 🫗 Pouring Liquid Emoji

  • If you’re texting someone about how bad something was, not necessarily a drink, you may use this emoji. Like, “Dude. The party was so yucky. 🫗or “Geez. I’d rather have just water, please 🫗.
  • It doesn’t matter what the reason to spill the drink was, but that’s just rude and most importantly, wasteful. So, if you’re referring to anything wasteful, please use this emoji – “Stop wasting stuff for dreams you’re unsure of! 🫗.
  • Use this emoji if you’re talking about something that’s throwable or needs to be thrown out. For instance, “Throw that attitude out 🫗or “Ewww. That’s not a good sign! Throw it at once! 🫗.
  • If you’re typing out a moving caption about crying over spilled milk or texting/advising someone with this idiom, feel free to use this emoji.
  • You could use this emoji while metaphorically talking about “pouring” something into something else. For instance, “If you’re doing something from the heart, you gotta pour a bit of yourself into it 🫗.
  • This emoji can also be used in literal terms while referring to ‘pouring’, ‘transferring’, ‘filling’ something. Like, “Transfer the liquid into the mix 🫗.

Other Names

  • 🫗 Pouring Water/Wine/Milk/Any Drink
  • 🫗 Throwing Liquid
  • 🫗 Spilling
  • 🫗 Flow Out
  • 🫗 Overflow
  • 🫗 Fall Off (the “accidental” spill)
  • 🫗 Libation
  • 🫗 Thirst/Satisfy
  • 🫗 Drink/Drinking
  • 🫗 Fill