🧌 Troll


Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Monster, Ugly, Grotesque, Joke, Unfriendly, Primal, Nightmare, Mythology, Myth, Filthy, Ancient

Troll Emoji

🧌 Meaning: A full body description of a frightening but ugly monster dressed in rags and holding a primitive weapon over the shoulder. The weapon is mostly a tree branch or something organic, nonetheless.

The 🧌 Troll emoji represents the fictional character of a troll found in fairytales and folklore. Going by that interpretation, it signifies magic, fantasy, and the supernatural. But, based on the social media definition of a troll, this emoji describes a joke – being it or making it.

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How and When to Use the 🧌 Troll Emoji

  • We’re going to begin the list with the online interpretation of the emoji. Being trolled or trolling someone online is basically virtual bullying. You’re either making a joke out of something or someone. It’s generally over something someone said or did. This emoji works in that context.
  • Trolls are not friendly creatures. So, if you’re referring to someone or something that’s as unfriendly as a troll, feel free to use this emoji.
  • This emoji may also signify a nightmare or anything nightmarish. Like, “Geez, man! I’d recommend you against that nightmarish look 🧌.
  • You could also use this emoji while talking about mythology or fiction in general. Like, these things DO NOT exist types. This emoji can be used to symbolize fairytales too. The “ugly” side of it.
  • You can apply this emoji while symbolizing anything grotesque, horrible, and frightening too. Like a big toe or a walking toe.

Other Names

  • 🧌 Monster
  • 🧌 Fairy Tale Monster
  • 🧌 Ugly Monster
  • 🧌 Nightmare/Nightmarish
  • 🧌 Unfriendly Creature
  • 🧌 Mythical Creature
  • 🧌 Monster Dressed in Rags
  • 🧌 Fantasy
  • 🧌 Joke
  • 🧌 Trolling
  • 🧌 Scary Giant or Dwarf
  • 🧌 Ancient Monster