34 Hand Emojis to Help Talking With Our Hands, Virtually

Talking bodies, but virtually.

Talking with hands” is something we’ve heard quite often. It’s a part of our body language while making verbal conversations. Some of us use our hands while talking in general about almost anything and some of us restrict such gestures only to the things we’re deeply passionate about.

While it’s true that hand gestures help us fully and satisfyingly express ourselves in personal and physical communication, it need not necessarily be a criterion online. Yes, there are hand emojis that could be of use, but even these gestural symbols are more to do with conveyance than with expression. Maybe the two are the same, after all.

Read on to know more and all about hand emojis.

Simple One Hand Emojis

Waving Hand Emoji

👋 Waving Hand Emoji

We can recognize this one rather easily. Even in real life, we wave at someone when we see them, want them to see us, or when we’re inaudible. Even the seas! They just wave at each other all the time!

So, 👋 in the virtual context conveys that you’re greeting someone, saying goodbye, or want to be noticed. Audibility, you have no power over us online!

  • Hello??? 👋👋 What about MY opinion?
Raised Back Of Hand Emoji

🤚 Raised Back of the Hand Emoji

This is the tanned side of your hand. The way you look at newly done nails. Having the back of your hand face you either means you’re telling someone to stop or cutting them off mid-way. It could be a way of saying “Enough!” too.

  • Enough, now Max 🤚. I cannot continue taking your crap when you’re so allergic to mine!
Hand With Fingers Splayed Emoji

🖐 Hand With Fingers Splayed Emoji

Seeing a fully open palm coming your way is mostly a slap. It could be a spank, a high-five, or a facepalm initiated by the other person.

But, splaying your own hand in someone’s direction could mean to say “Stop”, much like the previous emoji. It could also be a high-five response.

Raised Hand Emoji

✋ Raised Hand Emoji

This one’s the front end of the back 🤚. Raising one’s hand with an open palm and closely aligned fingers could be an iconic symbol of support. It could also suggest that you’re present, attentive, and in approval of something or someone.

On the other end, ✋ could intend that you’ve had enough of something/someone or that someone needs to stop talking. This emoji also symbolizes a high-five. (the extremes are wonderful).

  • Aight. I’m in here
  • I’m all in for the new look, mate
  • Please, just please stop talking

One Hand Gesture Emojis

Vulcan Salute Emoji

🖖 Vulcan Salute Emoji

If you’re into Star Wars or if you’re just in love with Mr. Spock, you’d agree 🖖 to be your signature manner of greeting other fellow Star Warriors. But, is that what this is? Vulcanization?

Pretty much. You could take the hand out of Star Wars, but you cannot take the Star Wars out of the hand. Meaning, even if you were to use 🖖 individually, it would reflect the symbolism of the original Vulcan salute in the context of the series.

  • May the force be with you 🖖
  • May the fourth be with you 🖖
Ok Hand Emoji

👌 OK Hand Emoji

Wondered why 👌 is the “OK Hand”? We usually use this gesture to say that things are okay or that you’re okay. Sometimes, it’s also used to show that something is great, impressive, and perfect.

However, each gesture has its own connotations depending on the state of use. It could be interpreted in a political light, as a symbol of hate, and as a vulgar or “inappropriate” sign as well.

Also, the ‘O’ in 👌 could symbolize a zero and the characteristics attached to it, such as worthlessness, hopelessness, being a zero at something, etc.

⊛ Pinched Fingers Emoji

🤌 Pinched Fingers Emoji

The famous Italian “WTF” sign, 🤌 could mean different things in different cultures. While it means food in a couple of Asian countries, 🤌 could suggest a sign that “You need to calm” or “Wait”. In some countries, 🤌 is just an innocent and cute gesture, and nothing else.

All in all, 🤌 is popularly known in the Italian slang.

Pinching Hand Emoji

🤏 Pinching Hand Emoji

Having to explain quantities with our hands is easy in person, but it can be challenging online. If you wish to say a lot, it would take more than just a single emoji, but little? Little requires just one – just a pinch 🤏.

  • Add salt 🤏
  • I’m this close to driving down to your place and whacking you in the face 🤏
Victory Hand Emoji

✌️ Victory Hand Emoji

This one’s a famous hand gesture! Anyone could vouch that ✌️ signifies victory by all means. But what if it suggests two, peace, or just a way of saying you need to use the bathroom?

✌️ too has its share of inappropriate contexts. If you show the “peace sign” with the palm facing you, then ✌️ means the same as the 🖕 Finger or it could also be a sexual gesture (if you know it, you know it).

All signs are ambiguous. It’s their nature and it’s unchangeable. No sign is a constant definition.

Crossed Fingers Emoji

🤞 Crossed Fingers Emoji

Keeping your fingers crossed could either mean that you’re lying or that you’re hoping and praying for something. The irony is always beautiful.

However, 🤞 could be wrong if used in the wrong contexts. Much like any other hand gesture, this too could mean other than what you may intend with it.

While it’s a symbol of the Christian cross in some countries/cultures, it could also mean the vagina in other such contexts. So, it’s vital to be knowledgeable of the little things before using these gestures.

Love You Gesture Emoji

🤟 Love You Gesture Emoji

This one’s a sweet hand gesture, to be honest. There’s hardly any negativity or misunderstanding attached to it and the best part? It’s also a way of saying “I love you” in American Sign Language (ASL).

Sign Of The Horns Emoji

🤘 Sign of the Horns Emoji

Rock and roll! 🤘 has been an age-old sign used in any context of rock and roll. It could be used to show that you’re a fan, while you’re at a concert, or even to convey that something or someone rocks!

But. There’s always a but with hand gestures.

The “horns” in 🤘 are said to be the devil’s horns. Not saying that rock and roll is “satanic”, gosh wouldn’t that be blasphemy! But, it is what it is.

Also, in some countries, as bizarre as it sounds, you cannot hold up the 🤘 without non-verbally stating that you’re wife/partner has been unfaithful.

Call Me Hand Emoji

🤙 Call Me Hand Emoji

As much as we’d like to call this emoji the “call me hand”, it’s noteworthy that times are changing! Check it out for yourself by asking a Gen Z kid their gesture for making a phone call.

🤙 is not just a call-me-hand, it’s also a personalized gesture, like the ✌️ Peace Sign. The Shaka sign means different to different people; mostly, to keep it real or to even radiate a cool or nonchalant vibe.

One Hand Gestures With One Finger

Backhand Index Pointing Left Emoji

👈 Backhand Index Pointing Left Emoji

The back of a hand pointing to the left is mostly a navigational hint; to look to the left or to go to the left. Hence, 👈 would also count as a navigational emoji, much like the arrow emojis.

  • You see this dude? 👹 👈 He. He made me do it.
Backhand Index Pointing Right Emoji

👉 Backhand Index Pointing Right Emoji

If you think about it, 👉 could either be your own right hand awkwardly pointing to the right or someone else’s left hand doing it. Perspectives.

Any time you wish to point in the right direction 👉 would always come in handy. In fact, that works for all navigational emojis that point rightwards.

Backhand Index Pointing Up Emoji

👆 Backhand Index Pointing Up Emoji

The only difference between 👆 and the ⬆️ Up Arrow is that the backhand is a humanized version of the direction. It’s mostly unambiguous, unlike the arrow.

A single 👆 with zero verbatim is consumed as a directional hand pointing towards something. Whereas the arrow could mean anything; an increase, going up, the “caps lock” button, etc.

Backhand Index Pointing Down Emoji

👇 Backhand Index Pointing Down Emoji

Look down! Scroll down! Press this thing under my finger. Click here. Tap here. These are the succedents that will most likely accompany the 👇; finger pointing in the south.

You may also apply 👇 as a way of saying “Get here! NOW!” or “So.. Why aren’t you here? 👇”, anything to animate the idea of “hereness”. Much like the 🈁 Japanese ‘Here’ Button emoji.

Index Pointing Up Emoji

☝️ Index Pointing Up Emoji

Another one? Pointing upwards? Come on!

There’s a mighty difference between ☝️ and the 👆 Backhand Pointing Upwards. The latter offers a sense of direction, while the former is a hand gesture of stating or asserting something.

  • I think it would be wise to follow the things we’re used to rather than try something new atm ☝️.

You may include ☝️ as a manner of saying “number one”, “Start” or “Go”. Apart from this, the assertive hand could work as the warning finger too.

  • Last warning, Harry ☝️ You do this again and I’ll ensure I eat all the food in the fridge before you even get to it! How’s that for revenge, huh??
Middle Finger Emoji

🖕 Middle Finger Emoji

The finger. The bird. Flipping the bird. Fuck off.
If this wasn’t man’s best invention thus far, we don’t know what it. What’s wonderful is that almost every single human on the planet knows what it means!

🖕 is the perfect emoji for various situations. From telling someone to leave you be, telling them that they suck/lose, letting them know that you dislike them or despise their presence, the finger is quite efficient. The “someone” here could also be a situation.

And these scenarios are just three of the gazillion other ways to could use the middle finger.

Thumbs Up Emoji

👍 Thumbs Up Emoji

Most of us are well acquainted with 👍, thanks to our social media expertise. Not just that, even people without social media would agree that 👍 means that they like, support, or approve of something!

Thumbs Down Emoji

👎 Thumbs Down Emoji

Boooooo 👎
Nah bruh 👎
Oh. HELL NO 👎👎

Although 👎 is the opposite of the approval thumb 👍, the opposite meaning is not the only purpose it seves. 👎 equally associates with the idea of being a “loser”, a “failure” or even someone/something that sucks too, along with disapproval and unacceptance.

Close Fisted Gestures

Raised Fist Emoji

✊ Raised Fist Emoji

Say what you want, but ✊ will always remain a powerful hand gesture. It’s not only used to show support but to also vocalize identity, which may have strong political tangents in that respect.

✊ could also be used to personify or emoji-fy an “iron fist”, thus suggesting themes of power, strength, justice, courage, management, and leadership.

Oncoming Fist Emoji

👊 Oncoming Fist Emoji

A closed fist heading towards you is one of two things, mostly; a punch or a fist bump. Wow. That escalated quite quickly.

We all know what a punch does and what it looks like but 👊 is not just a punch. It could be a “metaphorical” smash directed not just towards a person but a group of people or something inanimate too.

  • Time to hulk smash his “reputation” 👊👊
Left Facing Fist Emoji 1

🤛 Left Facing Fist Emoji

A left-facing fist seems comfortable when shown with the right hand. It’s bizarre otherwise. So, if it’s a right hand throwing in a fist, then the subject is on the left. 🤛 could be a fist bump or even a subtle nudge or punch.

Right Facing Fist Emoji

🤜 Right-Facing Fist Emoji

This fist is the other hand in the fist-bump pair that consists of 🤜 and 🤛 (aww, “and” getting fist-bumped on both sides).

Since 🤜 also represents the sport of boxing, using this emoji individually or with the left-faced fist would create the perfect manhandling vibe (Jk. We mean boxing).

Gestures With Both Hands

Clapping Hands Emoji

👏 Clapping Hands Emoji

It takes two hands to clap, even in emojis. 👏 is applause for sure, but is that all it means? Only a wonderful and positive way of showing appreciation? Nah.

👏 is great as a sarcastic emoji too!

  • Bro! I just realized something!
    What’s it, dude? It’s half past four in the morning, ugh.
    I finally understood that joke.
    👏 Great. Goodnight.
  • *watches a ridiculous video*
    comments – Nice try 👏 That could’ve killed the poor man.
Raising Hands Emoji

🙌 Raising Hands Emoji

Woohoo! Put your hands up in the air! 🙌🙌

Partying is the first thing that pops with 🙌. But that’s just limiting this emoji’s use-case! A pair of raised hands work for all contexts of excitement, cheer, and celebration; including worship and praise.

Open Hands Emoji

👐 Open Hands Emoji

Just being honest, man 👐, but that emoji you see there is not a caressing emoji. Stop that. Don’t embarrass yourself.

👐 is Mr. Frank! This one’s for anything to do with honesty, truth, transparency, and trust. It could also be a manner of showing physical affection; hugs since these hands are used in the 🤗 Hugging Face as well.

Palms Up Together Emoji

🤲 Palms Together Emoji

🤲 looks very similar to the previous emoji. What’s the big deal? It’s the same thing, two palms.

It’s the angle.

You cannot say that you’re being honest or frank with two praying hands, aka, 🤲. This one is solely reserved for spirituality or religion. But. There’s an interesting point; this emoji could also describe an open book.

Handshake Emoji

🤝 Handshake Emoji

It may have been quite a while that we felt a handshake. Thank you, coronavirus. We’re now officially out of touch with human touch!

Though we cannot shake hands in person, you could always convey the gesture and the meaning, online!

  • Thank you so much for you time 🤝
  • Congratulations, boss 🤝

Shaking hands with someone could also mean that the two of you share something in common.

  • ooks like we both fucked up together, this time 🤝
Folded Hands Emoji

🙏 Folded Hands Emoji

Like the other hand emojis on this list, 🙏 can also have more than a single connotated meaning. Most universally, this emoji counts as prayer.
Hands joining in prayer.

In some countries, 🙏 is a form of greeting someone, popularly known as Namaste in the Indian context. Alongside a welcoming hand gesture, 🙏 could also be a way of saying “please” or offering gratitude too.

  • Hello 🙏 Nice to meet you.
  • Could you please forward this? Thankyou 🙏

The perfect way to ruin this emoji or to be unable to unsee it – 🙏 is also a pair of hands high-fiving each other.

One Hand With Object

Writing Hand Emoji

✍️ Writing Hand Emoji

A human hand holding what seems to be a pen/pencil is a symbol of literacy, education, expression, writing, signing, etc. However, the writing hand could mean a lot more.

Virtually, this emoji is a way of reasserting and reassuring something. Apart from being a great trick to memorize, ✍️ could also mean that you’re affirming in writing, thus meaning evidence too.

  • Avoid eye contact unless you know the person ✍️
  • Letting people know they suck rather than going with the flow is the best way forward ✍️✍️✍️
Nail Polish Emoji

💅 Nail Polish Emoji

You do your hair toss,
Check your nails.

It’s hard not to feel good as hell when you’re having the best hair day and speckless nails! And when you’re feeling that good, it’s hard to give a damn about anything other than living your life to the fullest.

That’s precisely what 💅 is all about; a carefree attitude, freedom, nonchalance, and a little sass too.

  • What do you want me to do, gurl? 💅 First off. Do I look like I care?!
Selfie Emoji

🤳 Selfie Emoji

When phones with front cameras first came into the picture, it was an unconventional and uncomfortable way of clicking pictures. Seeing yourself in an awkward position the second the cam flicks on is not easy.

Today, thanks to social media and front cameras, we have better looks and even better-looking insecurities 😄. 🤳 does not refer only to selfies and selfie filters but also to video calls. Pretty much anything to do and anything that can be done with the front camera.

Also, it’s funny because you don’t see a mirroring image on the phone, but 🤳 is still a selfie. Maybe the person is just looking at their phones the way most of our parents and grandparents do.

Hand gestures, online or offline are inseparable parts of communication. They just happen differently on different platforms, but the effect is real. Anything conveyed with a hand movement or signal adds credibility not only to the subject but also to the message conveyed by the subject.

The next time you’re in need of a specific hand emoji, we hope this blog post comes to the rescue!