🫵 Index Pointing at the Viewer


Blame, Celebrate, YOU!, Exclamation, Dependence, Reliability, Accountability, Pointing Fingers

Index Pointing at the Viewer Emoji

🫵 Meaning: A human, but yellow hand pointing at the reader with the index finger while the rest of the fingers are all tucked into the palm. Since the 🫵 Index Pointing at the Viewer emoji directly points at the viewer/reader, it directly refers to that person. It could also be an uplifting way of speaking to the ‘You’ in the situation – the second person.

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🚨 Please Note: This emoji is officially approved in September 2021 as part of the Unicode 14.0 release. It will be available on all major platforms and devices during the latter half of 2021 and through 2022.

How and When to Use the 🫵 Index Pointing at the Viewer Emoji

  • Use this emoji while replying to the question “Who?!”. For example,
    I’m in love
    OMG. With who?!
    Guess who’s in for a nice grounding session. Again!
    My brother, of course.
    Nope, 🫵
  • This emoji is quite creative. It can be used in any context that screams “You!”. This means, it equally applies in contexts of accountability and celebration. Like, “There’s only one person responsible 🫵or “YOU made this happen! 🫵 (it’s wonderful how powerful intonation can be).
  • This emoji can be also used in blatant condemnation of blaming, like “Stop pointing fingers and take the responsibility for once 🫵.

Other Names

  • 🫵 Finger Pointing
  • 🫵 Pointing Fingers
  • 🫵 You!/You Can
  • 🫵 Blame
  • 🫵 Direct Reference to the Reader
  • 🫵 Pointy/Point
  • 🫵 You Emoji

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