Storage Space, Stored Food, Saving, Glass Jar, Empty Jar, Air-Tight, Container, Pickles

Jar Emoji

Meaning: A glass jar with a lid and seemingly a label on the visible side. The Jar emoji suggests storage space, for starters. It could further that significance based on what’s inside, thus symbolizing stored food too. The jar also represents savings, which could be money or food.

🚨 Please Note: This is an upcoming emoji currently in draft status. It is not available on any device as of yet. This emoji is expected to be released as part of the Unicode 14.0 in the year 2022.

How and When to Use the Jar Emoji

  • This emoji evidently showcases an empty jar, one that’s either waiting to be filled or just continues its shelf-life as an empty container. Nonetheless, you can use this emoji in both ways.
  • You can also apply this emoji while talking about saving. The empty jar gives out the embarrassing truth that there’s nothing in the “save-up jar” yet!
  • As said in the intro, this emoji can be used as a replacement for certain foods. Pickles, jam, sauce, or spreads being some of the top picks.
  • Now, that doesn’t diminish this emoji’s effectiveness for any other type of food. You could use it while referring to a host of foods, like sugar, coffee, cookies, anything! But, all of them are sadly invisible or they’ve disappeared. Roger! Did you finish the cookies on the shelf?!
  • Pop culture and aesthetic photography have given jars a whole new look. If you have a jar, you probably caught something really precious in it. Like a jar of hearts or a jar of flies.
  • So, if you’re referring to something that precious or not, something you’d want to keep safe or expose, this emoji would be perfect. For example, “I’m just saving all my swears for later 🙂“.

Other Names

  • Glass Jar
  • Storage Jar/Space
  • Condiments
  • Canned Food
  • Empty Jar
  • Savings/Save Up!
  • Glass Container
  • Spread/Sauce Jar

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