🫘 Beans


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Beans Emoji

🫘 Meaning: Three brown kidney beans laying on their sides making an awkward but visible triangular formation. While the 🫘 Beans emoji evidently suggests beans, it’s a lot more metaphorical. Firstly they’re flatulent and secondly they’re secretive. Now, we don’t know if they’re secretly flatulent. To put it straight, they spilled the beans and the gas.

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How and When to Use the 🫘 Beans Emoji

  • Kickstarting with the most meta use-case of this emoji; gas. Beans are quite often associated with farts. The more you eat, the more you release. Major. If you’re talking about this secret, then use this emoji.
  • Secondly, and the originally intended, beans signify revealed secrets. If you’re directly inferring to something that’s exposed, about to be exposed, or a top-secret that’s no longer hidden, use this emoji.
  • Though this emoji represents a single kind of beans, it can be used equally across all varieties, including peas and soybeans too.
  • If you’re someone who’s consistent with slang, then here’s the perfect way to end a conversation. Cool beans! Or as we’d like to say it, kewl. Like, “Alright, man! See ya tomorrow! 🫘”.
  • Generally, this emoji can be used as a reference to seeds, and other related themes such as gardening, planting, sowing, etc.

Other Names

  • 🫘 Kidney Beans
  • 🫘 Legumes
  • 🫘 Flatulence
  • 🫘 Canned Beans
  • 🫘 Mr. Bean
  • 🫘 Spill the Beans
  • 🫘 Secrets
  • 🫘 Soybeans
  • 🫘 Peas
  • 🫘 Money
  • 🫘 Head
  • 🫘 Seeds