🫡 Saluting Face


Respect, Gratitude, Acceptance, Obedience, Sunny Day, Cover, Nationalism, Hot Climate

Saluting face emoji

🫡 Meaning: An emoji yellow face described with a yellow hand on the top of the head, gesturing a salute. The face has a pair of blank eyes and a very slight smile made by a boat-shaped curve at the bottom.

The 🫡 Saluting Face emoji represents a salute. It signifies feelings of pride, unity, nationalism, patriotism, and of course, respect. It could also have a snarky interpretation.

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How and When to Use the 🫡 Saluting Face Emoji

  • Kickstarting the list with the possible snarkiness of this emoji. If you’re saluting someone out of anything but respect, then that is most likely a snarky salute. Like, “Ah! All thanks to you, man. 🫡or “Of course. It was ALL YOUR idea after all. 🫡“.
  • Onto the good and broader side of this emoji. Now, you wouldn’t always have to virtually scream “Respect!” because this emoji would be doing that job. You could apply this emoji in any genuine context of showing respect and gratitude.
  • You could also use this emoji as a way of saying “Yes, sir!” or “Yes, ma’am!” or just “Yes!”.
  • On a funny but sunny note, this emoji represents the “hand-shade” we use when we’re out in a super sunny or hot place. You may apply the same perspective to express the temperature/climate of a place as well.
  • If you’re someone who greets anyone with a salute, irrespective of “how respectable” they are, then this emoji is your new greeting emoji!
  • A salute is one of the most political signs, and this emoji is no different. You may use it while upholding the local/global politics or even while making an open mockery out of it.

Other Names

  • 🫡 Face Gesturing a Salute
  • 🫡 Hand Covering Face From the Sun
  • 🫡 Sunny Day
  • 🫡 Army Face
  • 🫡 Respect
  • 🫡 Political Face
  • 🫡 Nationalism
  • 🫡 Pride
  • 🫡 Okay!
  • 🫡 Yes! Face