🫲 Leftwards Hand


Helping Hand, Handshake, Touch, Reach Out, Pat, Push, Tag, Leftward, West, Direction

Leftward Hand emoji

Meaning: An open right hand reaching to the left. This emoji describes the palm of the right hand that’s moving leftward. This emoji is available in all skin tones though it appears as a neutral yellow hand.

The 🫲 Leftwards Hand emoji adds to the list of “directional or navigational emojis” – since it points in a defined direction; the left or the west in this case. This emoji may also symbolize a “helping hand”, a hand going in for a handshake, or a hand generally reaching to touch.

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How and When to Use the 🫲 Leftwards Hand Emoji

  • A leftward hand is different from 👈 Left Pointing Finger. Here, the entire right hand is moving to the left, suggesting a hand-shake. If you’re virtually offering one, you can use this emoji.
  • Similarly, you can use this emoji while responding to an approaching handshake as well. Like, “Hehe, yeah totally with you 🫲”.
  • You may use this emoji while talking about helping as it translates to a helping hand. For instance, “We all gotta be there for each other, man. This ain’t the time to sulk over your differences 🫲.
  • You could also apply this emoji in the manner of asking or reaching out for help.
  • If you’re trying to virtually touch someone, then, you can use this emoji. For example, “Lemme hold you 🫲.
  • Generally, this emoji can be used to say “Go left 🫲, “Turn left 🫲or “Look to your left 🫲, or even “To the west 🫲.

Other Names

  • 🫲 Helping Hand
  • 🫲 Right Hand Going for a Handshake
  • 🫲 Right Hand Tag
  • 🫲 Touching With the Right Hand
  • 🫲 Patting With Right Hand
  • 🫲 Pushing Hand
  • 🫲 Hand Reaching Out
  • 🫲 Go Left
  • 🫲 Direction