🫳 Palm Down Hand


Giving, Offering, Dismissing, Patronize, Unimpressed, Throwing, Slip, Helping Hand, Shoo Away

Palm Down Hand Emoji

🫳 Meaning: A yellow hand facing downwards such that the palm is slightly squished by the fingers – thus gesturing dropping something (accidentally or not), giving something, or even placing one’s hand in or on something.

The 🫳 Palm Down Hand emoji suggests a hand extending to hold another or in search of a hand to hold. It may also represent the act or gimmick of giving. It’s the symbol of dropping things or dismissing them like trash. This emoji can also symbolize superiority, given how patronizing the hand is.

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How and When to Use the 🫳 Palm Down Hand Emoji

  • If someone proposed an idea that failed to impress, this emoji works as a brutally honest response. Like, “I’m afraid that wouldn’t work 🫳or “Nope 🫳. Any other ideas?”.
  • If you dropped something literally or metaphorically, use this emoji to convey that intention. For instance, “Oh, we dropped that idea long ago 🫳or “Dude. I dropped the entire jar on the floor 🫳.
  • Speaking of dropping things, you could also apply this emoji to suggest that something “slipped away” – “Well. Guess he just slipped away 🫳or “I feel like the whole project slipped out of control 🫳“.
  • Use this emoji to shoo something away as well.
  • A hand stretching out with the palm faced down could be a subtle way of saying “Wait up!”. So, if you’re asking someone to wait in a funny, seductive, or an elegant fashion, pop in this emoji.
  • If you’re offering to hold someone’s hand or let them hold yours, ironic, you can use this emoji. And with that, 🫳 also symbolizes the other interpretations surrounding the gesture of “holding hands”.

Other Names

  • 🫳 Dropping Hand
  • 🫳 Slipping From/Out of the Hand
  • 🫳 Dismissing Hand/Hand of Dismissal
  • 🫳 Rejection/Rejecting Hand
  • 🫳 Patronize
  • 🫳 Throwing Hand
  • 🫳 Offering Hand
  • 🫳 Giving Hand
  • 🫳 Shooing Hand/Shoo!
  • 🫳 Resting Hand