🫠 Melting Face


Melt Away, Liquify, Soften, Drop, Lose Oneself, Hot Climate, Dissolve, Melting Point, Temporary, Time Frame

Melting Face Emoji

🫠 Meaning: A yellow face with a pair of black dots for eyes and an upward curve suggesting a smile beneath it. This face is melting! It’s melting into a yellow puddle of face.

The 🫠 Melting Face emoji, as morbid as it is, is a cartoonish way of saying “It’s too damn hot in here!”. Anything that melts suggests a time frame. It’s only a matter of time before all of it liquifies. This emoji can signify a sense of softening for any reason, mostly positive and constructive.

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How and When to Use the 🫠 Melting Face Emoji

  • “Face melting” has quite a few connotations. While it explicitly suggests drug aftermath, the phrase could also indicate a highly provoking or heated situation, literally and otherwise. This emoji is applicable in both frameworks.
  • To melt away means to lose luster, substance, and even oneself over time, and this emoji describes the initial stages of the same.
  • You could also use this emoji while conveying that you melted in horror. However, the horror here is more unbearable than scary because the face continues to smile. It also suggests that something melted away.
  • Use this emoji to say that you’re being overly consumed by something or someone such that you feel yourself to be dissolving in the situation.
  • In a strange way, this emoji can also be used to interpret melting points. You’re literally melting from the face at some point and this emoji effectively conveys that.

Other Names

  • 🫠 Melting Yellow Face
  • 🫠 Melting Point
  • 🫠 Liquifying Face
  • 🫠 Dissolving Face/Dissolve
  • 🫠 Melt Away
  • 🫠 Soften
  • 🫠 Dropping Face
  • 🫠 Horrified Face
  • 🫠 Embarrassed Face
  • 🫠 Embarrassment
  • 🫠 Shame/Ashamed Face