🫅 Person With Crown


Royal Person, Royalty, Luxury, Monarchy, Nobility, Kween

Person With Crown Emoji

🫅 Meaning: A gender-neutral person with neck-length hair and a royal gold crown studded with precious stones fixated on the head. The person is shown with a happy, smiling face.

Up until now, we only had the independent 👑 Crown emoji and the 🫅 Person With Crown emoji is here to neutralize the claim! This emoji can be interpreted as a royal person, the royal family(ies), or just about anybody ‘coz we’re all kweens.

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How and When to Use the 🫅 Person With Crown Emoji

  • To own or hone a crown means to have some amount of deservability and entitlement – which can, at time, get over the top. But most times, it’s only the bare minimum. Use this emoji while referring to that entitlement.
  • The crown here could resemble any crown, to be honest. It needn’t always be something extravagant. It could be the simplest luxuries too.The Burger King crown or the Happy Birthday crown for instance! This emoji works the same way in all crown contexts.
  • You could also use this emoji while referring to someone who’s important but not quite royal literally. A VIP in other words.
  • Since the person with the crown is gender-neutral, the use-case of this emoji extends far and beyond the 🤴 Prince or the 👸 Princess emojis.

Other Names

  • 🫅 Person With Golden Crown
  • 🫅 Person Wearing Studded Gold Crown
  • 🫅 Royalty
  • 🫅 The Crown
  • 🫅 Monarchy
  • 🫅 Gender-Neutral Royalty
  • 🫅 Nobleman
  • 🫅 Happy Birthday Crown
  • 🫅 Crowned
  • 🫅 Kween