đŸĒˇ Lotus


Enlightenment, Beauty, Nature, Water Plant, Spirituality, Hinduism, Buddhism, Indian, Vietnamese, Bloom, Blossom

đŸĒˇ Meaning: A single pink lotus flower sitting on a wide green leaf. Apart from signifying beauty, water flowers, and nature, the đŸĒˇ Lotus emoji can be interpretative of spirituality and enlightenment. It also refers to religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism, along with their inferences to blooming and the final outcome (in literal and metaphorical ways).

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How and When to Use the đŸĒˇ Lotus Emoji

  • While sharing posts, reposts, captions/quotes about spiritual enlightenment, you may add this emoji. This applies even while talking (texting) about related subjects on personal chats or DMs.
  • The lotus has a sense of positivity attached to it. It reverberates the joys of new beginnings and an overall optimistic approach to things, making this emoji the aptest in related virtual frameworks.
  • If you’re referring to the process of blooming (as mentioned in the intro), đŸĒˇ would be one of the suitable elements for the context.
  • In religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and cultures such as Indian, the lotus is revered as a sacred and pure flora species, explaining this flower’s spiritual link. If you’re referring to those cultures per se or to their related spiritual/religious aspects, use this emoji.
  • In general, the lotus works as the perfect peace-maker, because the flower itself is associated with peace and calm.

Other Names

  • đŸĒˇ Bloomed Lotus
  • đŸĒˇ Floating Lotus
  • đŸĒˇ Flower of Enlightenment
  • đŸĒˇ Buddhism
  • đŸĒˇ Spirituality
  • đŸĒˇ Kamala