Heavy Equals Sign


Equality, Emphasis, Balance, Even, Parallel, Mathematics, Equal-To, Consequence, Outcome

Heavy Equals Sign Emoji

Meaning: A pair of short and straight parallel horizontal lines applied in bold. The sign is shown in a neutral shade of grey.

The Heavy Equals Sign emoji symbolizes an emphasis or re-emphasis on the law of equality and balance. It could be a plain understanding of parallel lines that run together and anything that runs with it too.

🚨 Please Note: This is an upcoming emoji currently in draft status. It is not available on any device as of yet. This emoji is expected to be released as part of Unicode 14.0 in the year 2022.

How and When to Use the Heavy Equals Sign Emoji

  • This emoji is an evident pair of parallel lines. If you’re referring to something that’s ought to co-depend/ interdepend, or even move at an equal pace opposite to each other, use this emoji.
  • One thing about parallel lines is that they never meet. So, if you’re the poetic kind to loathe about how sad something is or celebrate how wonderful it is, drop this emoji!
  • You could also use this emoji as a way of saying “We’re even”.
  • Few examples supporting the previous point are – “It’s so sad that we see each other every day without saying a word” or “Our physicality and spirituality work so parallelly, it’s amazing”.
  • Coming to the obvious usage of an ‘equals’ sign, just boldly stricken. For instance, “Like we literally need to overwrite a million times on the basic and they still don’t get it!”.
  • Use this emoji while talking about equality or balance in any framework.

Other Names

  • Equal-To Sign
  • Equality
  • Heavy Emphasis on Equality
  • Even
  • Math/Mathematics
  • Heavy Equal-To Sign

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