🫰 Hand With Index Finger and Thumb Crossed


Finger Heart, Finger Snap, Money, Expensive, Unaffordable, Cute, Hearts, Love, Debt, K-Pop, South Korea Inspiration

Hand With Index Finger and Thumb Crossed

🫰 Meaning: A description of a human hand with the thumb crossed behind the forefinger/index finger. Although shown in yellow, this emoji will be available in all skin tones.

The 🫰 Hand With Index and Thumb Crossed emoji is a South-Korea-inspired gesture called the “finger heart”. It represents a heart and with that, other aspects such as love, cuteness, adoration, and warmth. This emoji may also suggest money, expensiveness, and a snap as well.

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How and When to Use the 🫰 Hand With Index Finger and Thumb Crossed Emoji

  • If you’re showing that you love or adore something in the comments section, in your stories, post captions, or text messages, you can use this emoji. You may also apply it as a way of saying “I love you 🫰.
  • You could use this emoji to indicate that something is unaffordable, costly, and pricey. For instance, “Oooh. Nice shirt, but 🫰”.
  • In a similar context, this emoji may be sent to those who owe you money as well. Like, “Umm. How about that money you owe me? 🫰.
  • The finger heart is honestly a cute gesture. So, if you’re posting something cute, showing cuteness in any way, or responding to something cute, drop in this emoji.
  • Use this emoji to show your love for K-Pop, South Korean culture, art, fashion anything to with this part of the world.

Other Names

  • 🫰 Finger Heart
  • 🫰 K-Pop
  • 🫰 Money Gesture
  • 🫰 Pricey/Price
  • 🫰 Expensive/Costly
  • 🫰 Snapping Finger
  • 🫰 Snap
  • 🫰 Cute
  • 🫰 Photo Pose
  • 🫰 South Korea