Hand With Index Finger and Thumb Crossed


Finger Heart, Finger Snap, Money, Expensive, Unaffordable, Cute, Hearts, Love, Debt, K-Pop, South Korea Inspiration

Hand With Index Finger and Thumb Crossed

Meaning: An emoji describing a human hand with the thumb crossed behind or over the forefinger/index finger. This emoji although shown in yellow, will be available in all skin tones.

The Hand With Index and Thumb Crossed emoji is a South-Korea-inspired gesture called the “finger heart”. It represents a heart and with that, other aspects such as love, cuteness, adoration, and warmth. This emoji may suggest money, expensiveness, and a finger snap as well.

🚨 Please Note: This is an upcoming emoji currently in draft status. It is not available on any device as of yet. This emoji is expected to be released as part of Unicode 14.0 in the year 2022.

How and When to Use the Hand With Index Finger and Thumb Crossed Emoji

  • If you’re showing that you love or adore something in the comments section, in your stories, post captions, or text messages, you can use this emoji. You may also apply it as a way of saying “I love you”.
  • You could use this emoji to indicate that something is unaffordable, costly, and pricey. For instance, “Oooh. Nice shirt, but (insert emoji)”.
  • In a similar context, this emoji may be sent to those who owe you money as well. Like, “Umm. How about that money you owe me?”.
  • The finger heart is honestly a cute gesture. So, if you’re posting something cute, showing cuteness in any way, or responding to something cute, drop in this emoji.
  • Use this emoji to show your love for K-Pop, South Korean culture, art, fashion anything to with this part of the world.

Other Names

  • Finger Heart
  • K-Pop
  • Money Gesture
  • Pricey/Price
  • Snapping Finger
  • Snap
  • Cute
  • Photo Pose
  • South Korea

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