💅 Nail Polish


Sassiness, Attitude, Carefree, Nonchalance, Indifference, Beauty, Make Up, Dress Up, Swag

💅 Meaning: An extended hand with painted fingernails and a nail brush of the same color held on a finger or in the air. This emoji signifies a carefree attitude, like ‘Whatever’ or ‘Whatevs’, types, thus establishing a sense of sassiness and nonchalance.

The 💅 Nail Polish Besides, it is also interpreted in its literal sense; beauty, being at the parlor, makeup, dressing up, etc. It is available in the designated skin tones almost across all platforms. The nail color, shape, and look of the nails would vary among platforms too.

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How and When to Use the 💅 Nail Polish Emoji

  • If someone’s been blabbering on a private chat or a group channel, and you’re really not interested in the drama, send 💅.
  • 💅 can also be used to show that you’re not affected by someone or something’s negativity.
  • If you’re dressing up for an important occasion or just a casual date or night out, and you’re texting your bestie(s) about it, use the 💅 emoji.
  • 💅 is also used to show self-confidence.
  • If someone’s constantly nagging you about something, send 💅 as a way of saying “Whatever” or “I don’t care”.
  • If you bought a new nail color and you’re flaunting it with your gang, send the 💅 emoji.

Other Names

  • 💅 Whatever
  • 💅 I Don’t Care
  • 💅 Nonchalant
  • 💅 Casual
  • 💅 Confident
  • 💅 Manicure
  • 💅 Beauty
  • 💅 Nail Painting
  • 💅 Makeup
  • 💅 Colors
  • 💅 Beautify
  • 💅 Indifference
  • 💅 Sassy
  • 💅 Swag