👐 Open Hands


Honesty, Trust, Transparency, Truthfulness, Jazz Hands, Excitement, Virtual Hugs, Open Arms

👐 Meaning: A pair of hands held together in a way that thumbs are parallel to each other and the palms are shown. This emoji can signify the famous ‘Jazz Hands’ and hugs, much like the 🤗 Hugging Face emoji.

The 👐 Open Hands expresses happiness, excitement, a carefree attitude, and most importantly, virtual hugs, affection, warmth, and love too. However, there can be more interpretations. It is available in the designated skin tones almost across all platforms.

Copy and paste this emoji:

How and When to Use the 👐 Open Hands Emoji

  • Use 👐 to show happiness and excitement (like the jazz hands).
  • If someone told you or showed you something gross and cringy, you can use 👐 as a way of telling them to stop with both palms up at their virtual, imaginary face.
  • If you’ve made a new friend or opening up to existing ones, or building deeper relationships with the special ones, 👐 can be used to show honesty, transparency, and openness.
  • If your buddy told you something amazing and you’re really happy for them, you could slide in 👐 emoji along with other affectionate and warm emojis.
  • 👐 could also be used to send along some virtual hugs.

Other Names

  • 👐 Openness
  • 👐 Honesty
  • 👐 Transparency
  • 👐 Excitement
  • 👐 Stop
  • 👐 Jazz Hands
  • 👐 Hugs
  • 👐 Hug
  • 👐 Virtual Hugs
  • 👐 Open Hands
  • 👐 Open Hands Sign
  • 👐 Loving Arms
  • 👐 Open Arms