✍️ Writing Hand


Writing, Noting, Drawing, Sketching, Signing, Memorising, Art, Pen

✍️ Meaning: A hand with the structure of a pen held between the forefinger and the thumb. This emoji signifies writing, signing, sketching, painting, and drawing too.

The ✍️ Writing Hand emoji can mean penning down your thoughts, drawing something, making art, signing something important, anything related to a pen, and paper. It is available in the designated skin tones almost across all platforms and the color of the pen/pencil would vary.

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How and When to Use the ✍️ Writing Hand Emoji

  • If someone asks what you’re doing, and you were writing, then voilà, send the ✍️ emoji to tell them what you were doing.
  • ✍️ can also be used if you’re sending across some docs and want the receiver to sign them and send them back.
  • If you’re rooting for an online petition and you want your friends and family to sign it as well, send the petition along with ✍️.
  • If you’re planning on opening a writing contest, for poetry, short stories, anything, you can use ✍️ while drafting out a virtual notice.
  • You can also use ✍️ to indicate drawing and sketching as well.
  • ✍️ is also interpreted as a form of memorizing something, or noting something down. So if your buddy said something nasty, use this emoji to tell them that you will remember what they said.
  • ✍️ can be used the other way around too. If you’re the one saying something important and you want the receiver to make note of it, send this emoji.

Other Names

  • ✍️ Writing
  • ✍️ Write
  • ✍️ Penning Down
  • ✍️ Noting Down
  • ✍️ Jotting
  • ✍️ Signing
  • ✍️ Drawing
  • ✍️ Sketching
  • ✍️ Art
  • ✍️ Artist

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