✌️ Victory Hand


Victory, Success, Achievement, Peace, Peace Out, Relax, Peace Sign, Chill, Win

✌️ Meaning: A hand with the forefinger and the middle finger raised to make a ‘V’, while the rest of the fingers are folded into the palm. This emoji signifies winning, accomplishment, achievement, and success.

The ✌️ Victory Hand emoji also suggests a sense of being at peace, chilling out, and relaxing too. This emoji is available in the designated skin tones across almost all platforms.

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How and When to Use the ✌️ Victory Hand Emoji

  • ✌️ emoji can be used to show that you achieved a milestone in life; for example, cleaning up your room or being responsible at a party.
  • ✌️ can also be used to say “peace out” or just “peace”.
  • However, ✌️ emoji can also be used in sarcastic and indifferent contexts too. Like if someone told you something exciting, ✌️ emoji would look like a very shallow response. So, don’t do that.
  • ✌️ can be used with friends and colleagues of a wider circle, sending ✌️ emoji to someone close never really ends well.
  • If you won something and you’re celebrating it with close ones, use ✌️ emoji in that context.

Other Names

  • ✌️ Victory
  • ✌️ Achievement
  • ✌️ Accomplishment
  • ✌️ Peace
  • ✌️ Peace Out
  • ✌️ Relax
  • ✌️ Chill
  • ✌️ Air Quotes
  • ✌️ V Sign
  • ✌️ Peace Sign
  • ✌️ Win