🙌 Raising Hands


Celebration, Excitement, Praise, Preach, Worship, Hallelujah, Relief, Achievement, Yaas, Gratitude, Celebrate

🙌 Meaning: Two hands parallelly raised high in the air along with tiny animated marks on top of them to give out a cheerful vibe. This emoji signifies applause, cheer, happiness, excitement, celebration and encouragement.

The 🙌 Raising Hands can also convey a sense of praise, worship, or even the famous social media trend of “Preach“; where you firmly stand by whatever the other person is saying or doing. It is available in the designated skin tones almost across all platforms.

Copy and paste this emoji:

How and When to Use the 🙌 Raising Hands Emoji

  • If someone just texted you about something celebratory, send the 🙌 emoji to share in that happiness.
  • You can also send 🙌 while sharing something exciting with your friends (and family too, but they most likely would not get the emoji).
  • It also signifies the Christian style of worship and praise. So, while messaging your Church buddies, or making exciting Christmas plans, you can use 🙌.
  • If you’re really thankful for someone or something in your life, use 🙌 to convey gratitude.
  • If your chat group(s) just messaged about something unbelievable, like a school holiday or something, send 🙌 to show that you’re more than happy (if you really are, that is).
  • If you completely agree by someone or something that you witnessed on your social media feed or DMs, send 🙌.

Other Names

  • 🙌 Cheer
  • 🙌 Yaas
  • 🙌 Yaas Queen
  • 🙌 Hallelujah
  • 🙌 Praise
  • 🙌 Preach
  • 🙌 Gratitude
  • 🙌 Arms in the Air
  • 🙌 Praise Hands
  • 🙌 Two Hands
  • 🙌 Yaay!
  • 🙌 Excitement
  • 🙌 Hurray
  • 🙌 Banzai
  • 🙌 Festivus Miracle
  • 🙌 Celebration
  • 🙌 Hands Raised in Celebration
  • 🙌 Hands Down
  • 🙌 Celebrate