🤌 Pinched Fingers


WTF, What Do You Want, Hungry?, Are You Kidding?, Silly, Stupidity, Disbelief, Back and Forth, Mother-Child Love

🤌 Meaning: An extended hand with all five fingers coming together to make a bud-like shape. This is one such emoji with numerous interpretations that change depending on the country and culture.

Going by the more popular way of using it in the Italian sense, the 🤌 Pinched Fingers emoji suggests a way of saying “WTF”, “What do you want”, “What the hell is wrong with you” etc.

Apart from that, it can also signify sarcasm, bossiness, and even a sense of being intimidating. This emoji is available in the designated colors almost across all platforms.

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How and When to Use the 🤌 Pinched Fingers Emoji

  • 🤌 emoji is mostly used in the context of saying WTF.
  • You can also use 🤌 in sarcastic conversations.
  • 🤌 can also replace the phrase “What the hell is wrong with you”.
  • If you just came across something absolutely ridiculous on social media, you can use 🤌 emoji as a reaction to that post.
  • You can also send 🤌 emoji along with something obnoxiously silly that you witnessed.
  • If someone just told you something and you cannot believe what you read/saw, use 🤌 emoji as a way of showing disbelief.
  • If your homie texts you out of the blue, and you know they’re up to something, send 🤌 emoji as a way of asking “What do you want?”.

Other Names

  • 🤌 WTF
  • 🤌 What Do You Want
  • 🤌 What is Wrong With You
  • 🤌 Are You Hungry?
  • 🤌 Are You Serious?
  • 🤌 Silly
  • 🤌 Shocking
  • 🤌 Disbelief
  • 🤌 Skepticism
  • 🤌 Mother Child Love
  • 🤌 Back and Forth