👌 OK Hand


Okay, Cool, I’m Fine, Awesome, Great, Perfect, That’s Correct, Good

👌 Meaning: A raised palm with the forefinger and the thumb coming together to make an ‘O’ and the rest of the fingers staying up, this emoji suggests a way of saying awesome, amazing, nice, perfect, etc.

The 👌 OK Hand can also be used just to say ‘OK’ (as the name suggests), “I’m fine”, “Yes, cool”, etc. It is available in the designated skin tones almost across all platforms.

Copy and paste this emoji:

How and When to Use the 👌 OK Hand Emoji

  • If your bestie just sent you a picture of a new dress, shoes, anything, and you really liked it, send 👌 emoji along with an appreciative message.
  • 👌 emoji can also be used as a reaction to something empowering and motivational that you came across on social media.
  • If someone told you something awesome that they did, like brushing their teeth twice a day, use 👌 emoji as a reaction (it doesn’t have to be such shallow news, it can be bigger accomplishments too).
  • Send 👌 emoji as a way of saying that you’re alright when someone asks if you’re okay. Mean it, please.
  • If you don’t really want to say ‘OK’, ‘Okay’, or worse, ‘K’, send this emoji as a way of approving of something or someone.

Other Names

  • 👌 Awesome
  • 👌 Great
  • 👌 Good
  • 👌 I’m OK
  • 👌 Yes, Okay
  • 👌 Brilliant
  • 👌 Okay
  • 👌 Cool
  • 👌 Perfect
  • 👌 Correct