☝️ Index Pointing Up


Pointing Upwards, Look Up, Idea, Question, Clue, Hint, Epiphany, Pay Attention, Listen Carefully, Eureka!

☝️ Meaning: A raised hand, showing the palm, with just the forefinger held up and the rest of the fingers tucked into the palm. It signifies a sense of being modest, wise, and thoughtful.

The ☝️ Index Pointing Up emoji can also suggest a way of saying “I have an idea”. Apart from that, it can be a prequel to asking a question, like a “May I?”. It is available in the designated skin tones almost across all platforms.

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How and When to Use the ☝️ Index Pointing Up Emoji

  • If you’re on a group chat, and you have a question to ask or a point to make, send ☝️ emoji and then proceed. If no one seems to be giving a damn, send it repeatedly.
  • ☝️ emoji can also be used as a cute way of saying “I have an idea”.
  • If you’re telling someone something insightful and valuable in a casual and caring context, use ☝️ emoji. Like, “Do not go onto the path of the common ☝️”.
  • If you had an epiphany on text, send ☝️ emoji as a “Eureka Moment”.
  • If your conversation requires you to say one, or respond to how many times you do something, you can use ☝️ emoji to indicate ‘One’.
  • Use ☝️ emoji while telling someone to listen carefully – in other words, to read carefully or pay attention.

Other Names

  • ☝️ Clue
  • ☝️ Number One
  • ☝️ Look Up
  • ☝️ Wise
  • ☝️ Secret
  • ☝️ Idea
  • ☝️ Question
  • ☝️ Look Here
  • ☝️ Wisdom
  • ☝️ Listen Carefully
  • ☝️ Pay Attention
  • ☝️ Eureka!
  • ☝️ Look Up

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