🤳 Selfie


Clicking a Selfie, Making Memories, Nostalgia, Togetherness, Inclusive, Dressing Up, Nonchalance

🤳 Meaning: An extended arm holding a smartphone. This emoji signifies the millennial trend of taking selfies (pictures of yourself, in case you’re new to it).

The 🤳 Selfie emoji suggests the feeling of a vacation, excitement, being laid-back, casual, making memories, and carefree. It is available in the designated skin tones almost across all platforms. The color of the clothing and the phone would vary among platforms as well.

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How and When to Use the 🤳 Selfie Emoji

  • If you’re trying to signal your pals to take selfies after a class, an office session or anything, you could send the 🤳 emoji.
  • 🤳 also evokes a feeling of nonchalance or a carefree attitude, so use it in such conversations.
  • If you’re tired of the drama going on in a chat, pop in an 🤳 emoji.
  • If you recently bought a phone that has a great front camera, use 🤳 to indicate that.
  • Apart from just clicking pictures, 🤳 also indicates a sense of togetherness, inclusivity, and being a team. So, you can use this emoji in such contexts as well.
  • Snapping pictures signifies making memories. If you’re talking about nostalgia and past beautiful memories, use 🤳.

Other Names

  • 🤳 Selfie
  • 🤳 Front Camera
  • 🤳 Smart Phone
  • 🤳 Excitement
  • 🤳 Vacation
  • 🤳 Heading Out
  • 🤳 Dressed Up
  • 🤳 Phone Camera
  • 🤳 Chill
  • 🤳 Selfie Hand
  • 🤳 Memories
  • 🤳 Taking Picture