🖐 Hand With Fingers Splayed


Hey, See Ya, Bye, Present, High Five, Stop, Unimpressed, Enough, Stop Talking, Goodbye

🖐 Meaning: A raised hand with all five fingers spread apart, this emoji denotes ‘Hi’, but without the waving. It’s the kind of hand movement you would use when you hear your name in a crowd.

The 🖐 Hand With Fingers Splayed emoji can also signify a high five or even be used to say ‘Stop’, ‘Enough’, ‘STFU’, etc. This emoji is available in the designated skin tones almost across all platforms.

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How and When to Use the 🖐 Hand With Fingers Splayed Emoji

  • Use 🖐 emoji while greeting someone, but not as excited.
  • 🖐 can be used to tell someone to stop.
  • 🖐 can also be used as a response to something cringy and uncomfortable on social media; as a way of conveying ‘STOP’, ‘OMG, what is this’, ‘I can’t unsee this now’, etc.
  • Send 🖐 emoji as a high five to your homies.
  • You can also use 🖐 emoji as a way of saying ‘Enough’.
  • 🖐 can be used to say ‘Present’ or ‘I’m in here’ – it works best for group chats, it’s pointless otherwise.

Other Names

  • 🖐 Hey
  • 🖐 Bye
  • 🖐 Present
  • 🖐 In Here!
  • 🖐 Enough
  • 🖐 STFU
  • 🖐 Stop
  • 🖐 Five Hand
  • 🖐 Splayed Hand
  • 🖐 Social Distancing
  • 🖐 Talk to My Hand