9 Cloud Emojis That Will Never Change, No Matter the Climate

In the absence of the clouds of change, we have unchangeable clouds.

Speak about comfort zones and our determination to uncomfortably remain in these comfort zones.

Clouds are not only the backbone of all forms of life on earth, but they’re also natural regulators of the land’s temperature. Without these thicc fluffs in the sky, the earth would be a constant recipient of unfiltered sunshine. And we all know how bad that is. We tan more than necessary!

Clouds have come to be such a closely aligned part of human life, that when someone crosses paths with you, they’re nothing more than just a passing cloud. Or the belief that all unbearable situations have at least one constructive/positive possibility. It’s the silver lining.

We may not be able to contain clouds in reality and talk about them as our own, but virtually, that, and more is possible. Thanks to cloud emojis!

Cloud Emoji

☁ī¸ Cloud Emoji

Clouds are the determinants of the weather. More clouds mean more gloom and more sappy music. This emoji is a representation of that glum and bleh weather when you feel alive but just not quite enough.

Sun Behind Cloud Emoji

⛅ Sun Behind Cloud Emoji

This one’s a perfectly balanced sunny day. The one that’s not too harsh, nor too cloudy and covered. ⛅ may not be the perfect summer symbol for places with merciless summers. But, for weather that’s both pleasant and warm, this emoji is the perfect fit.

Sun Behind Small Cloud Emoji

🌤ī¸ Sun Behind Small Cloud Emoji

This emoji is in direct reference to the “merciless” summer mentioned in the previous section. 🌤ī¸ is a sign that you probably need more than just sunglasses while heading out. Like a 🎩 Hat, an ☂ī¸ Umbrella, and a 🍾 Bottle of Water or sparkling water.

Sun Behind Large Cloud Emoji

đŸŒĨī¸ Sun Behind Large Cloud Emoji

The sun may be a star and our earthly clouds may not have much power over the intensity of the sun’s power, but guess what. It’s only the clouds that can overpower the sun, here, on earth. That explains why we need more groundwater and thus, more trees.

Sun Behind Rain Cloud Emoji

đŸŒĻī¸ Sun Behind Rain Cloud Emoji

Have you ever seen both sunshine and rain, and blindly hoped that there may be a rainbow somewhere? Somewhere over the rainbow at least? We all have. đŸŒĻī¸ is symbolic of that weather, aka, a sunshower.

đŸŒĻī¸ can also suggest mixed weather, where there’s both rainfall and sunshine. Like, the first half of the day being rainy and the second, sunny or vice versa.

Cloud With Rain Emoji

🌧ī¸ Cloud With Rain Emoji

This emoji is the same as the previous one, only devoid of the 🌞 Sun, making poetry 101.

🌧ī¸ is a sign that the monsoon is here. Although this emoji refers to a raining cloud, that ‘rain’ could be anything. Acid rains, cloudbursts, or even the pee of some divine being(s)!

Cloud With Lightning Emoji

🌩ī¸ Cloud With Lightning Emoji

This emoji is not a reference to any weather per se, but rather an element of the same. There’s no “lightning weather” anywhere, but weather accompanied by lightning.

Tbh, lightning is scarier than thunder. Thunder’s easy. You hear a terrifying roar in the sky, freak the heck out for its duration and then you’re fine. Lightning ain’t like that. You see what it is, and what it can do.
Seeing is believing after all.

Cloud With Lightning And Rain Emoji

⛈ī¸ Cloud With Lightning and Rain Emoji

Now here’s a duo! The lightning accompanies the rain. Lightning can make anything straight-up badass. Think about it. If the god of thunder did not pass a bolt of lightning with every stroke of his hammer, instead vibrated thunderous sounds, it’d kinda suck. Real bad.

Lightning is the visual aspect of the terrifying sound system of the storm or stormy weather. Thunder and lightning ought to exist together, but it’s the latter that is more capable of causing terror and damage too. Thus, making lightning a lot scarier than thunder.

Cloud With Snow Emoji

🌨ī¸ Cloud With Snow Emoji

This emoji refers to winters and any other times that allow snowfall. Not exactly allow, more like is forced to allow.

It’s hard to differentiate seasons these days, you know. Global Warming < Seasonal fluctuations < Human Greed and Irresponsibility 👍.

Without clouds, it’s impossible to sustain life on earth. The atmosphere is a lot more accomodating of earthly life because of clouds. It’s not just about how would humans would breathe without air, or how would we’d survive without trees, aka rain, but how anything would live without clouds.

Trees, plants, animals, bacteria, all of it?

Since this is a blog post on clouds, one of the important aspects of the climate, we’d like to conclude by saying CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL. And it’s way about time we recognize, acknowledge, and fight the elephant in the room. The elephant ain’t bad, but what it can do to us because of our own stupidity, is.