🤟 Love You Gesture


Love, I Love You, ILY, Happiness, Warmth, Affection, Purity, Kindness, I Love You Hand Sign

🤟 Meaning: A raised hand with the thumb, forefinger, and the pinky (little) finger held out while the middle and the ring fingers are tucked into the palm.

Introduced by the American Sign Language, the 🤟 Love You Gesture was first familiarised among deaf children. It is a combination of the acronym ILY, that stands for I Love You.

It was eventually used in a casual context of conveying positive feelings even outside the deaf culture too. Today, this emoji is quite a popular one and is available in the designated skin tones almost across all platforms.

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How and When to Use the 🤟 Love-Hand Gesture Emoji

  • As the name suggests, you can use 🤟 emoji to tell someone that you love them.
  • This sweet 🤟 emoji can also be used to say that you’re happy for someone.
  • 🤟 can be used as a positive reaction to something adorable and loving that you came across on social media.
  • Use the 🤟 emoji while sending something positive, uplifting, and motivating.

Other Names

  • 🤟 I Love You
  • 🤟 ILY
  • 🤟 Love You
  • 🤟 Happy
  • 🤟 Affection
  • 🤟 Warmth
  • 🤟 Kindness
  • 🤟 I Love You Hand Sign