👎 Thumbs Down


Dislike, Disapproval, Disagreement, Nope, Nah, Bad, Unacceptance

👎 Meaning: An extended hand facing downwards while making a fist and sticking the thumb out in a way that the thumb faces down. This emoji signifies an overall sense of dislike.

The 👎 Thumbs Down emoji can also suggest disapproval, disagreement, unacceptance, and basically not sticking up for something or someone. It is available in all designated skin tones almost across all platforms.

Copy and paste this emoji:

How and When to Use the 👎 Thumbs Down Emoji

  • If you did not like something that you came across on social media, feel free to use 👎 as a way of showing that dislike.
  • You can also use 👎 to say “Nope”, “Not happening”, or just a plain, big, fat, “NO”.
  • 👎 emoji can also be implicated as a way of signaling that a situation didn’t go as planned.
  • If your bestie is sending you pictures of her/his new clothes and is asking you to give honest yay or nay opinions, use 👎 to say “Nay” or “Nah”.
  • 👎 can also be used in group chats, especially when you have to vote on something.

Other Names

  • 👎 Nope
  • 👎 Nah
  • 👎 Dislike
  • 👎 No
  • 👎 Nay
  • 👎 Bad
  • 👎 Thumbs Down Sign
  • 👎 Disapproval
  • 👎 Disagreement