🤞 Crossed Fingers


Hope, Luck, Good Luck, Positivity, Desirable Outcome, Optimism, Fingers Crossed!

🤞 Meaning: The forefinger and the middle finger crossed together while the rest of the fingers are folded into the palm. This emoji denotes hoping for the best, staying positive, building optimism, wishing good luck, etc.

The 🤞 Crossed Fingers emoji suggests a way of wishing for something, much like its counterpart; the phrase “fingers crossed!”. It is available in the designated skin tones across almost all platforms.

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How and When to Use the 🤞 Crossed Fingers Emoji

  • If you’re eagerly waiting for something, like permission for something, or results of an exam or a medical test, anything, use 🤞 emoji in that context.
  • 🤞 emoji is basically used in any conversation where you would hope for the best. However, DO NOT use it when you’re wishing well for people, like “Happy birthday”, “Happy anniversary”, “Have a good day”. NOPE, DO NOT use this emoji while wishing well for people. NEVER.
  • You can also use 🤞 emoji to show that you’re nervous or anxious about something.
  • If your friend told you something and you’re trying to induce some positivity into the already damaged conversation, you can try bringing in 🤞 emoji.

Other Names

  • 🤞 Hope For the Best
  • 🤞 I Hope So
  • 🤞 Please Be True
  • 🤞 Please Do Not Be True
  • 🤞 Optimism
  • 🤞 Positivity
  • 🤞 Good Luck
  • 🤞 Best of Luck
  • 🤞 Fingers Crossed