37 Purple Emojis to Soothe the Virtual Mood

Just a little lavender can go a long way!

Purple is one of the most intricate colors on the spectrum. It has so many different shades and distinct sides to it that purple is considered to be a unique color. It is often used to paint the cosmos and parts of it. As a coincidence, it’s also a color that’s closely related to spirituality.

Purple is a rich color, it evokes a sense of luxury, wealth, and affluence. Hence, it is also the color that encompasses the negative consequences of self-indulgence and is often used to paint negative shades like arrogance, ego, pride, and superiority too.

Purple is a beautiful shade. It received an identity only in the early 1300s and has since been used to create sober yet compelling visuals. This deep shade of blue and a tint of white may have innumerable interpretations in the real world, but the emoji world is comparatively limited. However, here too, we have a satisfying amount of variety when it comes to purple emojis. Read on to know more about them.

Purple Heart Emoji

💜 Purple Heart Emoji

As we’re familiar, the heart is the shape of love. It is the symbol of adoration, appreciation, admiration, and affection. So, when such a meaningful solid shape contains a color like purple, it invariably represents love for everything about the color, and for all that it stands for. It could be love for spirituality, love for the cosmos, love for any brand or concept associating with purple, love for luxury, wealth, richness, or just love for purple.

Purple Circle Emoji

🟣 Purple Circle Emoji

If you’re referring to the personal or general significance of purple, but with a neutral tone, one that’s devoid of love or affection, then the solid shape emojis would work best in such cases. Both, the 🟣 purple circle, and the 🟪 Purple Square Emoji do the job of suggesting the beauty of the color from objective lenses.

Grapes Emoji

🍇 Grapes Emoji

Grapes can be green, black, red, crimson, yellow, orange, and purple. The latter type of grapes is found throughout the world. They may not carry as many health benefits as green grapes and red grapes, but purple grapes exist and they can be quite sweet.

Umbrella Emoji

☂️ Umbrella Emoji

Umbrellas are manufactured in many colors. Multi-colored umbrellas or rainbow umbrellas on a rainy day are truly the most pleasant sight.

Despite this variety in the real world, the umbrella emoji is made of purple fabric on all platforms, for some reason. Not just the dry and open umbrella, but even the ☔ Umbrella With Rain Drops has a purple exterior! The 🌂 Closed Umbrella too is a purple symbol on all platforms, except on Windows.

Alien Monster Emoji

👾 Alien Monster Emoji

Purple, without a doubt, has an air of mystery. It’s the color that signifies the unknown. Alien monsters may exist or they may all be part of a massive farce, but they’re unknown to us, nonetheless.

We’re not completely sure if aliens, let alone alien monsters actually exist. So, considering this color psychology, it seems fitting to use purple for something that’s alien to us. In this case, an alien monster.

Smiling Face With Horns Emoji

😈 Smiling Face With Horns Emoji

The color of mischief is purple. Loki may have turned that table around to the green side.

The face described here is the animated visage of a devil (the horns give it away). Popular stories have painted devils as negative creatures that are never up to anything good. Mischief is all they do. Hence, 😈 and the 👿 Angry Face With Horns are shown with purple faces on almost all online platforms.

On some sites, these faces are red, which is perfect, because red is the OG color used to paint the devil.

Crystal Ball Emoji

🔮 Crystal Ball Emoji

Crystal balls, according to the cartoons and movies we’ve watched, are used to predict the future. The ball in itself is clairvoyant. However, the future, as realistically as possible, is uncertain. It’s an illusion until we live it in real-time.

When a mere ball can look into such an unpredictable part of life, that’s mystery and sorcery right there. Even the act of fortune-telling aligns with the color purple because all this has a reasonable amount of enigma and the supernatural attached to it.

🔮 is not an all-purple symbol on all platforms. Some sites introduce this emoji with a primary layer of blue and a small amount of purple at play. There are chances for this emoji to not have purple at all on some platforms.

Eggplant Emoji

🍆 Eggplant Emoji

The most famous eggplants are the purple ones. The broadest distinction of eggplants is between the east and the west. Occidentally, they’re ‘aubergines’ and are brownish-purple. Orientally, eggplants are better known as ‘brinjals’ which are bright purple fruits.

There are greenish-white, white, and green eggplants as well. The outer skin color of all eggplants is largely based on the stage of development or the ripening stage of the eggplant, and the emoji here is at its peak. Hence, 🍆 is a purple symbol on all platforms.

Place Of Worship Emoji

🛐 Place of Worship Emoji

Religion overall is not marked by a streak of purple. Each religion resonates with certain colors depending on the likes of the community and most importantly, the colors most used during specific religious festivities.

But, spirituality is greatly affiliated with the color purple. Lighter hues of purple are even used in meditative sessions. Besides, what other scent fits the occasion better than soothing lavender?

Apart from the generic place of worship emoji, other religion emojis like ☪️ Star and Crescent (Islam), 🕉️ Om (Hinduism), ✝️ Latin Cross (Christianity), ☦️ Orthodox Cross (Russian Orthodox Church), ✡️ Star of David (Judaism), 🔯 Dotted Six-Pointed Star (Hinduism), ☸️ Wheel of Dharma (Buddhism), 🕎 Menorah (Judaism), and wait for it, ⚛️ Atom (Science), are all purple on every platform.

“Religion” emojis like ☮️ Peace Symbol and ☯️ Yin Yang are purple on almost all platforms. The former appears with tints of blue and purple on few platforms, and the latter, with the signature black and white.

Astrology Emojis

All 13 (yes, thirteen) zodiac signs are purple across all virtual platforms, except on Google (this platform resorted to a rainbow spectrum for these emojis).

Though purple is not for everyone, it’s an amazing color. Apart from just being a unique shade, it’s also interpretative of unique aspects. So, if you’re using purple virtually or if you’re referring to anything purple, we hope all these purple emojis are helpful.