☪️ Star and Crescent


Islam, Arabic, Middle East, Festivities, Bedouin, Muslim, Pakistan Flag, Religious Identity

☪️ Meaning: A combination emoji, consisting of a 🌙 Crescent on the left and a smaller ⭐ Star on the right, in between both ends of the moon. This emoji pair is placed on a purple square with rounded corners.

The ☪️ Star and Crescent emoji has a larger reference to Islam. Hence, this emoji would signify the Islamic religion, traditions, beliefs, teachings, etc. Besides, it is also a part of the Pakistani flag.

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How and When to Use the ☪️ Star and Crescent Emoji

  • While sharing content about Islam as a religion, as your religious identity, a news/educational post revolving around the religion, or even an aesthetic photo of Islamic places of worship, ☪️is a must.
  • Similarly, you could use ☪️ while greeting or wishing someone for a Muslim festival. This applies even in the social media context, where you would share celebratory posts or reposts for such occasions.
  • Besides, ☪️ is a symbol for the Middle East as well. So, if you’re posting or reposting something relating to the Middle East, Arabia/Arab, or even the Arabic language, architecture, food, etc., bring in the ☪️.
  • If you’re sharing quotes, verses, or even videos of and from the Holy Quran, dropping the ☪️ would invariably imply the source. Thus, negating the need for verbatim.

Other Names

  • ☪️ Islam/Islamic
  • ☪️ Muslim
  • ☪️ Middle East/Middle Eastern
  • ☪️ Arab/Arabic
  • ☪️ Ramadan
  • ☪️ Pakistan
  • ☪️ Bedouin