🌂 Closed Umbrella


End of the Rains, Indoors, Tour Completion, Umbrella Stand

🌂 Meaning: A right-facing purple umbrella with a purple curved handle, collapsed and tied together with a velcro strap. There’s also a pointy stick at the bottom end of the umbrella.

The 🌂 Closed Umbrella emoji represents passage of seasons that require an umbrella to head out; the monsoons, peaking summers, etc. It may also suggest the end of an outdoor walking routine and being indoors.

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How and When to Use the 🌂 Closed Umbrella Emoji

  • If you’re texting someone that you just got home or reached elsewhere after walking in the rain, you can use 🌂 – “Just got here after being drenched in my own mascara 🌂”.
  • You can also use while sharing a celebratory (or not) post/story on social media about the rains finally ending in your locality. Like, “I can FINALLY head out without this guy 🌂”.
  • A closed umbrella is not a helpful umbrella. So, you can use 🌂 to indicate a sense of not being of much help. For example, “I could do a quick grocery run for you, but I’m sick and I need to work so 🌂”.
  • Similarly, if you’re a fan of giving unhelpful solutions, you can tag along 🌂 to enhance the unhelpfulness of any context.
  • 🌂 can also be a synecdoche for an umbrella stand. You can use this emoji while posting/reposting content on these stands or while comparing someone or something to an umbrella stand (strange, but happens).

Other Names

  • 🌂 Umbrella
  • 🌂 Umbrella Stand
  • 🌂 Folded Umbrella
  • 🌂 Purple Umbrella
  • 🌂 Collapsed Umbrella
  • 🌂 Not Under My Umbrella
  • 🌂 Unhelpful Umbrella