👾 Alien Monster


Gaming, Video Game Monster, Strange, Space, Aliens, Extra-Terrestrial, Weird, Wacky

👾 Meaning: A purple, lego-like 8-bit structure with eyes and arms that are raised to the head. This emoji differs in structure, style and colour across different platforms.

Since the 👾 Alien Monster emoji is the pixelated element found in an 8-bit video game, it can denote gaming. It can also refer to something strange, unworldly, and the ‘unknown’. But, besides, it also shows strange but sweet excitement, innocence, silliness, and weirdness.

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How and When to Use the 👾 Alien Monster Emoji

  • Use this emoji while talking about gaming, or anything computer-related.
  • This emoji is a great way to seem quirky and cute.
  • It can also be used to show that you find something or someone strange and alien-ish.
  • If you just witnessed something you just don’t buy and you’re sending it to your buddies to see if they would, send this emoji along with that subject.
  • It can be incorporated into conversations about the extra-terrestrial, aliens, UFOs, and all the fun stuff.

Other Names

  • 👾 Extra-Terrestrial
  • 👾 Alien
  • 👾 Unworldly
  • 👾 Strange
  • 👾 Gaming
  • 👾 Video Games
  • 👾 Space Invader
  • 👾 Video Game Monster
  • 👾 Weirdo
  • 👾 Wacky
  • 👾 Silly