🛐 Place of Worship


Praying, Devotion, Forgiveness, Plead, Grace, Community, Spirituality, Religious Space

🛐 Meaning: A purple square with rounded corners, printed with the stick figure profile of a 🧎 Person Kneeling in an upright posture while holding out the hands in prayer. There’s a triangular roof over the person’s head.

The 🛐 Place of Worship emoji represents a holy congregational space, as the name suggests. Besides, based on the posture of the human in this emoji, this emoji could also symbolize devotion, worship, blessing, praying for grace, mercy, and forgiveness (from a religious POV).

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How and When to Use the 🛐 Place of Worship Emoji

  • Since 🛐 represents a ‘place of worship’, this emoji may even represent a ‘holy place’ or a ‘divine place’, even if it’s not exactly a physical space. For instance, “Divinity resides in your own consciousness 🛐” or “Why do you look so much out there for something that’s within? 🛐”
  • From a religious perspective itself, 🛐 could suggest a sense of ‘begging’, asking for something, pleading, and hoping. For example, “I really pray things get better 🛐”, “We must honestly seek forgiveness for the things we do with the lack of self-awareness 🛐”.
  • While sharing religious or spiritual content, posts about prayer, reposts on devotion, etc., you can use 🛐. Religion and spirituality are subjective, hence this emoji would fit into any context that you believe to be religious/spiritual for yourself.
  • In the context of ‘blessings’, ‘grace’, and other related aspects, you can use 🛐. Like, “Twelve years of unbridled blessings 🛐or “It’s all possible only with the unending grace of the universe 🛐”.

Other Names

  • 🛐 Prayer/Praying
  • 🛐 House of Worship
  • 🛐 God’s House
  • 🛐 Religious Building
  • 🛐 Spiritual Congregation
  • 🛐 Religious Community
  • 🛐 House of God
  • 🛐 Consciousness