☯️ Yin Yang


Chinese Philosophy, Balance, Dualism, Duality, Harmony, Equality, Chi, Tai Chi

☯️ Meaning: A circular symbol with a white vertical teardrop described with a dark dot, covering the upper portion of the symbol and a ‘vice versa’ replication of the same design on the lower side.

The ☯️ Yin Yang emoji, also known as the ‘Tai Chi symbol’ is a reference to Chinese philosophy It signifies duality, balance, harmony, unity, dependency, and equal interdependence as well.

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How and When to Use the ☯️ Yin Yang Emoji

  • If you’re indicating ‘duality’ in your post captions or explaining why ‘bad people have a good side too’, you can use ☯️. For example, “There’s darkness in light and light in darkness. It all exists together, as one ☯️”
  • Similarly, if your post caption is striking a balance, if you’re sharing a spiritual post/repost on the importance of balance, both physically and spiritually, welcome the ☯️. Like, “Nothing’s ever completely one thing. There’s always a balance between many things ☯️”.
  • While advising someone on ‘harmony’, sharing a picture with a caption about the same, or even if you’re just putting up a social media status about harmony, ensure to use ☯️.
  • Since ☯️ is a representation or a symbol of ancient Chinese philosophy, it could be incorporated in contexts that are either about Chinese culture or Chinese spirituality, or both.

Other Names

  • ☯️ Yin Yang Symbol
  • ☯️ Traditional Chinese Religions
  • ☯️ Taoism
  • ☯️ Confucianism
  • ☯️ Chinese Philosophy
  • ☯️ Duality
  • ☯️ Balance
  • ☯️ Symbol of Harmony
  • ☯️ Tai Chi
  • ☯️ Tai Chi Symbol
  • ☯️ Chi Energy