☦️ Orthodox Cross


Eastern Orthodox Church, Russian Orthodox Cross, Variation, Belief, Christianity, Conservative, Traditional

☦️ Meaning: A cross very similar to the ✝️ Latin Cross, but characterized with a shorter horizontal bar/line above the original one and a slanting or oblique line crossing the lower half of the vertical bar.

Also known as the Russian Orthodox Cross, the ☦️ Orthodox Cross emoji could hold a prominent reference to the Russian culture and the Eastern Orthodox Church. It also signifies rigidity, conservatism, and mediocrity.

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How and When to Use the ☦️ Orthodox Cross Emoji

  • Setting the religious aspect aside, ☦️ may signify orthodoxy in itself. Like, “I think I’d count myself as an orthodox ☦️. I’m quite rigid with my principles and beliefs” or “I haven’t had an orthodox career ☦️”.
  • If you’re referring to something that resists innovation, modernisation, and growth and change in a positive direction, you may use ☦️ (being orthodox. Nothing to do with the religion, but the English dictionary).
  • While sharing posts or reposts relating to the Russian Orthodox faith, ☦️ is mandatory; pictures of religious places, festivities, educational content, etc..
  • Even while typing out social media statuses that are deeply ingrained in the orthodox faith, you could include ☦️.
  • If you identify yourself as an Orthodox Christian, bring ☦️ into your social media presence (with consent, of course); profile name and bio.

Other Names

  • ☦️ Eastern Orthodox Church
  • ☦️ Russian Orthodox Cross
  • ☦️ Russian Orthodox Church
  • ☦️ Orthodox
  • ☦️ Orthodox Christianity/Christian
  • ☦️ Variant of Christianity