🕎 Menorah


Hanukkah, Jewish Traditions, Candelabrum, Nine Candles, Light, Lamp, Festivity, Celebration

🕎 Meaning: A series of four concentric semi-circular candles held together by a single candle attached to a stand at the center. This lamp is designed in white on the surface of a purple square that has rounded corners.

The 🕎 Menorah emoji resembles the nine-candled lamp used during the eight-day Jewish festivity of Hanukkah. Each candle symbolizes each of those days, while the ninth or the middle candle is the source of light for all eight candles.

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How and When to Use the 🕎 Menorah Emoji

  • Since each candle in 🕎 is a representation of each day in the Hanukkah week, this emoji could also signify a sense of lighting up or enlightening each day in our otherwise routine week(s) as well.
  • Some instances for the previous point – “Don’t worry about what the next day would bring you, think about what’s the best you’re bringing to your next day 🕎or “There would always be goodness and light in each day 🕎 Don’t lose hope”.
  • Even while sharing good news or wishing someone the best, via a social media post, story, or even a direct message (DM), you can use 🕎. Like, “Here’s a glimpse of our first-ever harvest! 🕎” or “May your new year always be filled with lots of light and the best unfoldings 🕎”.
  • Apart from a religious symbol, 🕎 also refers to a lamp, a fancy lamp, that is. While sharing pictures, sale posts, aesthetic reposts about such lamps, ensure to use this emoji.

Other Names

  • 🕎 Menorah Lamp
  • 🕎 Hanukkah Menorah
  • 🕎 Chanukiah
  • 🕎 Hanukkiah
  • 🕎 Hanukkah Lamp
  • 🕎 Lamp
  • 🕎 Candelabrum
  • 🕎 Candles
  • 🕎 Candle Stand