☮️ Peace Symbol


Peace, Calmness, Nuclear Disarmament, CND, Non Violence, Chill Out, Tattooing

☮️ Meaning: A white circle characterized with a vertical line at the center producing two, equally sized diverging lines from the lower half. This entire symbol is placed on a purple square.

The ☮️ Peace Symbol emoji represents peace as the name suggests. Formerly a symbol of ‘anti-war‘, this emoji indicates non-violence, calmness, life, unity, and understanding.

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How and When to Use the ☮️ Peace Symbol Emoji

  • While wishing someone peace, sharing ‘peaceful music’, putting up a post with a caption rooted in peace, a picture that’s visually pleasing and calming, any such scenario could use ☮️.
  • Even while asking someone to peace out or calm TF down, you can use ☮️. Also, ☮️ would mean just the same even without the use of explanatory words. Like, “Do subscribe to my channel ☮️”.
  • “Peace of Mind” is a popular phrase that’s been in vogue for quite some time now. Essentially, having this peace signifies the absence of discomfort. So, if you’re sharing therapeutic posts about achieving peace while learning and growing through discomfort, you may use ☮️.
  • ☮️ has also been a well-known (and the easiest) tattoo design. If you’re sharing content related to inking or being inked, then too, you could bring in the ☮️.

Other Names

  • ☮️ Peace Out
  • ☮️ Peace Sign
  • ☮️ Nuclear Disarmament Movement
  • ☮️ Non-Violence/Ahimsa
  • ☮️ Peace
  • ☮️ Calmness
  • ☮️ Comfort
  • ☮️ Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament
  • ☮️ CND