✡️ Star of David


Israel, Judaism, Jew, Hebrew Scripture, Torah, Magic, Mysticism, Bethlehem

✡️ Meaning: A six-pointed star made with a pair of equilateral triangles intertwined and placed inversely on top of each other. The ✡️ Star of David emoji refers to Judaism, which can also have a few Christian, Arabic, Muslim references. It’s a symbol of the Israeli flag too.

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How and When to Use the ✡️ Star of David Emoji

  • The Seal of Solomon has had quite a few inferences to the mystical and magical aspects. Hence, while using mystical quotes in post captions, sharing aesthetic posts/reposts on magic and magical powers, etc., you can add ✡️ into the captions.
  • Since ✡️ is also called the ‘Star of Bethlehem’, it can be used in the framework of the religious significance of Bethlehem. Like, “Merry Christmas! ✡️” or “Bethlehem taught me that greatness lies in the humble ✡️”
  • While sharing posts relating to Israel, Armenia, Jerusalem, or Judaism, you can use ✡️; they can be informative posts, educational reposts, news posts or even personal posts and social media stories.
  • If you’re wishing someone for a Jewish festival, or sharing posts, stories, and reposts related to the same, drag in the star of David! For instance, “It’s a beautiful Rosh Hashanah in years, I must say ✡️”.
  • Similarly, if you’re sharing a verse from the Torah or a random Hebrew verse-drop in a conversation, use ✡️. For example, “We are the children of the light ✡️”. However, these verses would have very close and almost similar references to the Christian Bible.

Other Names

  • ✡️ Seal of Solomon
  • ✡️ David’s Shield
  • ✡️ Jewish Star
  • ✡️ Star of Bethlehem
  • ✡️ Hexagram
  • ✡️ Hexahedron
  • ✡️ Magen David