✝️ Latin Cross


Christian Cross, Christianity, Church, Devotion, Sacrifice, Love, Religion, Holy Trinity

✝️ Meaning: A short horizontal line overlappingly placed on a lengthy vertical line within the upper half of the latter. The ✝️ Latin Cross emoji represents the popularly recognized Christian cross, which symbolizes crucifixion, love, devotion, and sacrifice.

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How and When to Use the ✝️ Latin Cross Emoji

  • The Christian cross is a symbol of sacrifice and love, as mentioned in the previous section. If you’re speaking of such intense sacrifice or love, you may use ✝️; it could be a Good Friday post, an Easter Sunday text message greetings, or even a post caption.
  • ✝️ may also be a representation of the ‘Holy Trinity’, which can be manifested in a literal or metaphorical framework – “It’s hilarious how they mess up the sign of the cross! ✝️” or “It’s three parts of one ✝️”.
  • If you’re sharing content related to Christianity, the church, or even Christ, do welcome the ✝️ into the context. For example, “Just back home after the most amazing sermon! ✝️”, “Church is not something you go to, it’s a family you belong to ✝️”.
  • ✝️ would directly suggest Christian faith whether verbalized or not. Hence, if you’re posting anything relating to Christian traditions, festivals, etc., use this emoji as an innate reference to the faith.

Other Names

  • ✝️ Christian Cross
  • ✝️ Crucifixion
  • ✝️ Jesus Christ
  • ✝️ Christianity/Christian
  • ✝️ Holy Trinity
  • ✝️ Sign of the Cross
  • ✝️ The Church