☂️ Umbrella


Rainy Weather, Sunny, Protection, Shelter, Roof, Canopy, Humbleness

☂️ Meaning: An umbrella with a purple canopy and a long black stick ending in a curved handle facing the left. The ☂️ Umbrella emoji signifies shelter, roofing, protection, and a sense of being humble too.

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How and When to Use the ☂️ Umbrella Emoji

  • As mentioned previously, ☂️ can signify shelter, but it can also suggest a sense of being sheltered. Nonetheless, you can use ☂️ in both use-cases. For instance, “I’ve been quite sheltered all my life, so ever since adulthood pushed me off the edge, I’ve been in a constant hunt for something or someone to call home ☂️”.
  • An umbrella also evokes humbleness and a mental picture of enjoying the little things in life. While sharing post captions or quotes surrounding these themes, ☂️ is a sweet addition to it – “You can have a roof above you and still taste the snow, you know ☂️”.
  • If you’re trying to offer subtle signs of protectiveness and care, ☂️ is perfect. For example, “It’s alright, buddy. I’m here for ya ☂️”.
  • Use ☂️ while texting someone or sharing a social media story about the weather or even while messaging someone to mandatorily carry an umbrella (especially that one person who dislikes carrying one).

Other Names

  • ☂️ Purple Umbrella
  • ☂️ Open Umbrella
  • ☂️ Parasol
  • ☂️ Light Umbrella
  • ☂️ Sunshade/Rainshade
  • ☂️ Brolly
  • ☂️ Bumbershoots