🟪 Purple Square


Mysticism, Dreams, Psychic, The Universe, Purple, Lavender, Calming, Relaxation, Audio Note

🟪 Meaning: A solid, four-sided polygon filled with bright purple and enclosed within a black outline. The 🟪 Purple Square emoji is a reference to purple and all its other shades and variations. It could also symbolize anything associated with the color.

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How and When to Use the 🟪 Purple Square Emoji

  • Purple has a prominent tint of mysticism attached to it, along with other references to luxury, in general, and wealth of any kind. If you’re referring to something like this, you may use 🟪.
  • Speaking of mysticism, purple and its variants are often used to paint the universe on containable pages, literally, of course. In the textual realm, you could use 🟪 to convey the same. Like, “You are the universe in ecstatic motion 🟪” or “We’re a speck in endlessness 🟪”.
  • On Snapchat, 🟪 indicates a received audio note. While referring to anything that’s vocal by nature, you could apply 🟪. For example, “No one asks for an opinion. But everyone’s entitled to one 🟪”.
  • While sharing posts or reposts of anything that has a considerable amount of purple in it, 🟪 could add an aesthetic edge to the same, in the caption; purple clothing, art pieces, jewelry, etc.

Other Names

  • 🟪 Large Purple Square
  • 🟪 Purple Solid
  • 🟪 Four-Sided Purple Polygon
  • 🟪 Purple Button
  • 🟪 Purple
  • 🟪 Glossy Purple Square