☔ Umbrella With Rain Drops


Monsoons, Rainy, Wet Umbrella, Protection, Shelter, Outdoors

Meaning: An opened umbrella with a purple protective surface that’s connected to a long, blackish stick ending in a left-facing curve. The top circumference of the umbrella has a couple of blue waterdrops falling on it.

The ☔ Umbrella With Rain Drops emoji signifies rainy or drizzly weather. Apart from suggesting the monsoons, it represents heading out in the rains and being outdoors while it’s raining. This emoji can also imply protection and shelter from the rains or any other metaphorical element too.

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How and When to Use the ☔ Umbrella With Rain Drops Emoji

  • While texting someone that you’re out in the rain waiting for transportation, or a person, you can use ☔. Like, “45 mins, I’ve been waiting for 45 mins in the rain for my DATE ☔”.
  • You can also use ☔ to suggest that you drenched in the heavy rain despite having an umbrella.
  • Since ☔ signifies protection from the rain, you can use this emoji to show that you care and that you are protective of someone or something, thus, you would become the metaphorical umbrella.
  • Similar to the previous point, ☔ can be used to suggest protection from a harmful substance as well, like acid rain.
  • While sharing anything relating to the monsoons; a major MOOD post/story, an emotional moment you captured, a post about the things you love doing during the monsoons, etc, you can use ☔ in all those contexts.

Other Names

  • ☔ Raining
  • ☔ Umbrella in the Rain
  • ☔ A Wet Umbrella
  • ☔ Opened Umbrella
  • ☔ Purple Umbrella
  • ☔ Rainy
  • ☔ Monsoons