Wild Animal Emojis- A Series of All Land and Arborial Mammals

When we say greed, what we mean is a human phenomenon.

One of the many interesting things about animals, both wild and domestic is that, at some point in the distant past, all of them were wild. Many of those domesticated today show a prominent genetic streak of a wild ancestry. Surely your poodle has a wild ancestor who’s half as friendly.

Animals have existed hundreds of millions of years before humans. In fact, the earth belongs more to them than it does to us. They had all the genetic right to kick human asses and make us their slaves. But they didn’t. Then we came along and you know how that went.

However. There is good news. Not all animals budged. Some didn’t bother to give half a flying fluck to human manipulation and continued to remain wild. So, here’s a virtual tribute to all those animals that stayed true to themselves despite the condescending actions of humans.

Large Mammals

Medium-Sized Mammals

Small Mammals

If you’re wondering why animals like ๐ŸŽ Horses aren’t on the list, it’s because such species were successfully and completely domesticated and used by us, humans!

We’ve done so much and still do everything in our power to control life on earth including the wild. But, we’re SO glad that it ends at some point with wild animals, because we could try but we cannot fully overpower nature. So, there is some hope in the wild. But just not enough.