🦧 Orangutan


Wisdom, Ape-like Behavior, Obesity, Obedience, Forest Life, Lazy, Relaxed, Agility, Thinking

🦧 Meaning: An orangutan, the smart great ape with orange or brown fur, sitting comfortably with its long arms by its sides and a big belly sticking out.

The 🦧 Orangutan emoji signifies fuzzy warmth, free spirit, and intelligence, like the creature’s clever ability to learn sign language real quick. Apart from that, it also suggests affection, love, laziness, or boredom. Some platforms show this furry creature with one hand raised high, scratching its head in curiosity, while a few others show only its face.

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How and When to Use the 🦧 Orangutan Emoji

  • You can use 🦧 when you want to talk about the ease of a situation or a relaxed life.
  • 🦧 can be used to portray a person in the basic stages of learning something new.
  • Orangutans are known for their big bellies. You can use 🦧 to depict laziness or obesity.
  • There is a sense of freedom about the image of an orangutan. Freedom from the tensions of society. 🦧 can be used to portray that sense of freedom.

Other Names

  • 🦧 Smart Ape
  • 🦧 Orange Ape
  • 🦧 Lazy Monkey
  • 🦧 Fat Monkey
  • 🦧 Orange Monkey
  • 🦧 Confused Monkey
  • 🦧 Thinking Monkey
  • 🦧 Scratching Monkey