🦓 Zebra


Wildlife, Freedom, Unique, Zen, Community, Prison Stripes, Thief, Nimble, Harmless

🦓 Meaning: The full body of a zebra, the horse-like animal, with a short mane, pointed ears, and a global skin of black and white stripes. On some platforms, this emoji showcases just the head.

The 🦓 Zebra emoji showing the visible characteristic of zebras signifies anything from a zen-like balance of the dark and light. This emoji also represents the wild, at least a part of it.

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How and When to Use the 🦓 Zebra Emoji

  • When the subject matter involves zebras or wildlife in general, 🦓 works just fine.
  • The 🦓 emoji signifies a sense of freedom, therefore free spirit can be just as well represented through this.
  • The stripes of a zebra look very similar to those of a prisoner or a thief from classic cartoons. Hence someone who’s up to malice can be described using 🦓.
  • A main characteristic of zebras is their sense of community. Hence family units and family-like groups can be represented through this 🦓 emoji.
  • A mood of harmless fun can be created using 🦓.

Other Names

  • 🦓 Striped Horse
  • 🦓 Stripes
  • 🦓 Striped Animal
  • 🦓 Mountain Zebra
  • 🦓 Common Zebra
  • 🦓 Wildlife
  • 🦓 Freedom
  • 🦓 Prison Stripes