🐗 Boar


Wild, Food, Prey, Strength, Indignity, Uncivilized, Dangerous, Hungry, Unattractive, Pork

🐗 Meaning: The typical face of a wild boar with its signature tusks sticking out of its long snout on its pig-like face, but in a brownish shade. It’s also characterized by its pointed ears and scruffy hair on the top of its head.

This emoji suggests a sense of wild and uncivilized. Also, strength and danger. However, the 🐗 emoji is commonly used in a condescending manner and not representing any impressive qualities a boar might possess.

Various platforms vary in their depiction of this emoji. Some even show the full body of the boar.

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How and When to Use the 🐗 Boar Emoji

  • Firstly, when the conversation literally involves boars, or even pigs, using 🐗 works fine.
  • 🐗 can be used when talking about pork and pork products.
  • Someone behaving uncivilized and undisciplined can be represented through 🐗.
  • 🐗 also signifies a sense of wild dangerousness and can be used to denote that emotion or quality.
  • A person’s appearance can be derogatorily compared to a wild boar using 🐗.

Other Names

  • 🐗 Wild Boar
  • 🐗 Warthog
  • 🐗 Wild Pig
  • 🐗 Common Wild Pig
  • 🐗 Wild Swine
  • 🐗 Pumba
  • 🐗 Swine
  • 🐗 Sow
  • 🐗 Oink
  • 🐗 Hog
  • 🐗 Shoat