🦬 Bison


Strength, Largeness, Power, Brawn, Obesity, Might, Protection, Immovability, Unshakable, Stable

🦬 Meaning: A large, muscular bison on all fours, looking to the side, with short horns, its signature hump on its shoulders, and two shades of brown fur, one darker than the other.

This emoji signifies brawn, might, and immovability, as well as a sense of protection from danger. The platforms vary in their depictions of the 🦬 Bison emoji but the muscular structure of bison is made clear universally.

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How and When to Use the 🦬 Bison Emoji

  • If the conversation literally involves a bison or a buffalo, there’s no better emoji than this.
  • A brawny built of a person can be represented using 🦬.
  • Bison can weigh up to a ton, and this kind of immovability (physical or metaphorical) can be described using this 🦬 emoji.
  • Someone with a big appetite can be poked fun at using this emoji.
  • If you want to convey that you’re going to protect someone, 🦬 can be used as a symbol of that protection.

Other Names

  • 🦬 Buffalo
  • 🦬 African Buffalo
  • 🦬 Water Buffalo
  • 🦬 Wisent
  • 🦬 Auroch
  • 🦬 Ox
  • 🦬 Oxen