🐅 Tiger


Ferocity, Wild, Dangerous, Powerful, Wild, Mighty, Majestic, Stealthy, Beast, Hungry, Preying, Courage, Hunting

🐅 Meaning: The whole, furry body of a tiger, with its signature black stripes on orange fur, standing on all fours, looking towards the side, also displaying its curled tail.

The 🐅 emoji signifies personal strength and greatness, and also the majestic beauty of the animal it represents. It also conveys threat and ferocity. In some platforms, the face of the tiger is turned straight ahead while the rest of its body points to the left.

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How and When to Use the 🐅 Tiger Emoji

  • If the subject matter involves tigers, or cats, or even wildlife in general, 🐅 fits just fine.
  • 🐅 can be used to represent your own strength, or courage, or even fearlessness.
  • Your comparison to the freedom and survivability of a wild animal can be conveyed through this 🐅 emoji.
  • Pursuits of some kinds can be represented with 🐅, due to the stealthy prowling nature of tigers. (“Go and get ’em, tiger”)

Other Names

  • 🐅 Tiger Body
  • 🐅 Wild Cat
  • 🐅 Striped
  • 🐅 Tiger Cub
  • 🐅 Cub
  • 🐅 Big Cat
  • 🐅 Wild Animal
  • 🐅 Wildlife
  • 🐅 Ready to Hunt