🐎 Horse


Strength, Speed, Big Appetite, Power, Free Spirit, Untamed, Wild, Running

🐎 Meaning: A horse running and facing left, characterized by its signature mane on the back of its long head and neck, and on the other end with its supple tail being played around by the wind.

This emoji signifies the freedom of a horse not bound by the weight of a saddle and a rider on top. It also suggests speed and power (and horse-power). Platforms vary in their design of this emoji. Some even show the horse as just trotting.

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How and When to Use the 🐎 Horse Emoji

  • If the subject matter literally involves a horse, 🐎 emoji can effortlessly find its place there.
  • You can use 🐎 to highlight the swift speed of any process or action.
  • Those who live with more of a free spirit can be described using 🐎.
  • If the message to be conveyed is “running away”, 🐎 emoji works just fine.
  • 🐎 can also be used to describe someone who displays considerably impressive strength.

Other Names

  • 🐎 Horse Body
  • 🐎 Stallion
  • 🐎 Steed
  • 🐎 Pony
  • 🐎 Wild Horse
  • 🐎 Galloping Horse
  • 🐎 Racehorse
  • 🐎 Horsing Around
  • 🐎 Running Horse