🦒 Giraffe


Tall, Lanky, Free, Independent, Graceful, Calm, Composed, Elegant, Wildlife, Cute

🦒 Meaning: The whole tall structure of a giraffe, with its signature long neck (with a mane growing out of it) and spotted body, facing left. Also visible are the two short horns bumping out of its head and its long tail with hair growing at the end.

The 🦒 Giraffe emoji mainly suggests height and lankiness but could also point at the personality traits of the animal, such as elegance and composure. Different platforms vary in their depictions of this emoji. Some only show the face of the giraffe, not the full body of the animal.

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How and When to Use the 🦒 Giraffe Emoji

  • Wildlife in general can be depicted through 🦒.
  • A tall or lanky person can very well be represented through the 🦒 emoji.
  • Grace and elegance can also be suggested using 🦒.
  • You could also use 🦒 in addressing free-spirited people.

Other Names

  • 🦒 Giraffe Face
  • 🦒 Camelopard
  • 🦒 Tall Mammal
  • 🦒 Melman
  • 🦒 Ungulate
  • 🦒 Herbivore
  • 🦒 Long Legs
  • 🦒 Long Neck
  • 🦒 Wildlife
  • 🦒 Tall